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Use the Physical Activity and Health Alliance to share your experience of a project that has worked well by submitting a case study! This will help inform others of promising practice and will provide the opportunity for people carrying out similar pieces of work to get in touch.

Share your Case Study and reap the benefits

Please complete the form and submit your case study.

Get in touch and tell us about the projects you're working on, for example:

  • A physical activity intervention
  • A mass participation event
  • The development of a resource
  • A training programme
  • A physical activity campaign

Case study submission form

The following information will inform an electronic case study which will be featured on the PAHA website. The case studies will be used in order to share promising practice throughout the physical activity workforce in Scotland, in support of the implementation of ‘Let’s Make Scotland More Active.’ This information may be made available via the PAHA website and/or via PAHA e-newsletters.

Although submitted, there is no guarantee that your case study will be put onto the PAHA site. PAHA may edit the information submitted to ensure consistency of content within all submissions.

If you have any problems completing the submission form, please send us an email at

The contact details filled out in this form will be the contact details uploaded with the case study on the live site.  Please ensure that no personal details have been included.

  • Project Categories

    Please indicate the categories that your project falls under and select as many boxes that apply.

    Life Stage

  • Setting

  • Where the project is delivered

    Please select all of the geographical areas that your project covers

  • Section 1. How it started

    Please provide a description of why the project was needed and what the project hoped to achieve.

    (Max. 300 words)
  • Section 2. Partners and funding providers involved

    Please provide details of all partners and funding partners involved in the project and which role they play.

    (Max. 150 words)
  • Section 3. Process

    This should include information such as; how the project is delivered, what is involved in its delivery, who delivers it, where it is delivered, how participants are recruited, how it is marketed etc.

    (Max. 350 words)
  • Section 4. Results and Impact

    This should highlight monitoring and evaluation results, demonstrating tangible evidence of actual or projected results and impact. Where projects are in the early stages of development and results have therefore not yet been achieved, this section should highlight the potential to achieve project outcomes.

    (Max. 300 words)
  • Section 5. Lessons Learned

    This should include key learning points, difficulties encountered and lessons learned

    (Max. 300 words)
  • Section 6. What’s next for the project?

    This section should focus on how the project is preparing for the future in affordable and sustainable ways, and detail what the next steps are.

    (Max. 300 words)
  • Section 7. Related documents and links

    Please include the links to any relevant websites.

    (Max. 100 words)

If you've got any questions, please send us email at

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