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Scottish Physical Activity Screening Question (Scot-PASQ)

Scot-PASQ was developed by NHS Health Scotland for use in an NHS Physical Activity Pilot due to commence in Scotland in January 2013.

Note June 2018: see the Physical Activity Pathway content on NHS Health Scotland for updated information

Development and Validation

The Scottish Physical Activity Screening Question (Scot-PASQ) was developed and validated by NHS Health Scotland in partnership with The University of Edinburgh for use in an NHS Physical Activity Pilot due to commence in Scotland in January 2013.


The pilot will assess the feasibility of implementing a Physical Activity Pathway delivering Brief Advice and Brief Interventions in Primary Care in Scotland.


Scot-PASQ (attached below) will be conducted in practice as part of the delivery of physical activity brief advice and brief intervention. Scripts have also been developed to support the delivery of Physical Activity Brief Advice and Brief Interventions.

Knowledge and Learning

In addition to the guidance detailed above practitioners are also encouraged to complete the e-learning module ‘Raising the Issue of Physical Activity’ in order to enhance their knowledge of physical activity and health behaviour change prior to using the screening tool.

Please Note

Scot-PASQ may be further refined as a result of the pilot. In the meantime, healthcare professionals can use Scot-PASQ in practice where appropriate and are encouraged to feedback comments to help inform any subsequent changes required.

Should you have any questions regarding Scot-PASQ or are able to provide feedback on its application in practice, please email:

Further updates and information on the Physical Activity Pilot will be published on the Physical Activity and Health Alliance website.


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  • I note that SCOT-PASQ is written into the QOF in Scotland for this year (CVD-PP003). Can you confirm that GPs can use this questionnaire royalty-free? Also, do you have any suggestions for Read coding the questions and results? Thank you.

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  • Timely ideas , I loved the points . Does anyone know where I could obtain a fillable IRS 4562 document to fill in ?

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  • Hi Lynelle , my friend filled out a template a form example at this site

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  • Hi, I was wondering if there are any papers published on the development and validation of SCOT-PASQ. It looks like a good tool for use in research work.

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  • is it ok if I get this translated into welsh.are there any copyright issues?would also like info on validation of the tool.hoping to use in a pharmacy based public health campaigne thanks

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