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Physical Activity Recommendations for Birth-18 Years in the UK

A presentation by Professor John Reilly from the University of Glasgow, on the development of the first UK Physical Activity Guidelines for Children from Birth to 18 Years of Age.

UK Physical Activity Guidelines – Early Years, Children and Young People:

This presentation provides an overview of the evidence underpining the develoopment of UK Physical Activity Guidelines for Early Years, Children and Young People.

3 Draft Headline Recommendations:

  • Infants: should be encouraged from birth to be physically active daily, particularly through floor-based play in safe environments
  • Children capable of walking unaided: should be physically active daily for at least 3 hours
  • Infants and children should be discouraged from being sedentary:no sedentary behaviour should last for more than 1 hour at a time (except sleep); this includes time spent ‘restrained’ .

PAHA Conference 2010 Parallel Sessions:

This presentation was delivered along side a series of other parallel sessions the detasil of which can be found in the  PAHA Conference 2010 Proceedings.


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