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Physical Activity Brief Advice and Brief Intervention Scripts

The Physical Activity Brief Advice and Brief Intervention Scripts were developed by NHS Health Scotland for use in an NHS Physical Activity Pilot due to commence in Scotland in January 2013.

Note: see the Person-centred physical activity advice page for updated content


The pilot will assess the feasibility of implementing a Physical Activity Pathway delivering Brief Advice (BA) and Brief Interventions (BI) in Primary Care in Scotland.

Draft Scripts

The draft scripts (attached below) include a detailed flow diagram and practitioner guidance describing the delivery of physical activity brief advice and brief interventions, including the use of the Scottish Physical Activity Screening Question (Scot-PASQ). (updated June 2018)

Knowledge and Learning

In addition to the guidance detailed above practitioners are also encouraged to complete the e-learning module ‘Raising the Issue of Physical Activity’ in order to enhance their knowledge of physical activity and health behaviour change prior to using the scripts.

Please Note

The scripts may be further refined as a result of the pilot. In the meantime, healthcare professionals can use the scripts in practice where appropriate and are encouraged to feedback comments to help inform any subsequent changes required.

Should you have any questions regarding the scripts or are able to provide feedback on their application in practice, please email:

Further updates and information on the Physical Activity Pilot will be published on the Physical Activity and Health Alliance website.


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  • Directed to resource by Andrew Murray after talk to GPs at Ballathie. Impressed with the Physical Activity Brief Intervention Script - it's a strength that it follows a similar approach to the alcohol & smoking BIs that GPs already familiar with, as this makes it easier to integrate into consultations with patients and sharing it with clinical staff including nurses and GP Trainees. I wonder if a one page summary of some of the most relevant benefits (in terms of evidence of what this is specifically) which could be shared with interested patients- could be addedto your script to give doctors confidence with facts & figures to share if relevant when they first start doing physical activity advice & BI? (similar to info I'd share relevant to that individual patient when doing alcohol BIs) I have't seen your advice leaflet yet so maybe helpful advice on that- but aids collaberative approach.

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  • We have lost all of our rights of ways and some roads to enable us to get the seashore that we live next to. We had many accesses before the new A1 was laid,now we have none.

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