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Making Women and Girls More Active: A Good Practice Guide

A practical report for those working within sport and physical activity containing advice, information and good practice, based on research findings, in order to plan and deliver programmes of sport or physical activity for females. The guide aims to promote gender equality.

This practical guide was produced by sportscotland and the Woman's Sport Foundation UK (2005).

The report highlights the benefits of physical activity (in terms of physical health, Psychological well-being and social inclusion) along with barriers to engaging in physical activity (e.g. social and cultural barriers).  Some interesting facts are also summarised, such as only 1 in 4 girls think it is cool to do sport and only 5% of media coverage in national and local print is dedicated to woman’s sport.  There is an interesting detailed timeline of women’s lives from adolescence to old age, relating different age groups relationship with physical activity. 

All points within the guide are highlighted by examples of good practice in physical activity delivery.  There are numerous recommendations in order to increase female participation in physical activity.

The guide highlights the need for changes in practice, policy and media attitudes in order to increase participation.  The document ends with an index and explanation of terminology used in the report and contact details for useful organisations.

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Women’s Sport Foundation UK and sportscotland

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Women, Girls and Sport Officer, sportscotland. Phone: 0141 534 6501

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