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Let's Make Scotland More Active

The national physical activity strategy for Scotland.

Scotland's ‘first ever Physical Activity Strategy’ was published by the Scottish Executive in February 2003. The strategy was the outcome of 18 months' work by a Physical Activity Task Force, set up to implement a recommendation in ‘Towards A Healthier Scotland’.

The strategy adopts new national targets on activity levels drawn up by the task force, to combat the fact that from age 11 onwards, the majority of people are inactive, with higher inactivity levels among girls and women of all ages. It is based upon ‘two well-accepted health messages:

• Adults should build up at least 30 minutes of moderate activity (the equivalent of brisk walking) on most days of the week.

• Children should build up at least one hour of moderate activity on most days of the week’.

Physical Activity Targets for Scotland

It sets new targets, replacing those in the ‘Towards a Healthier Scotland’. Fifty per cent of all adults aged over 16 and 80% of all children aged 16 and under should meet these minimum recommended levels of physical activity by 2022.

The ‘strategic focus and priority’ is on getting inactive people to be active and preventing people from reducing the amount of activity they do. It deliberately provides ‘only a broad framework of objectives and priorities for developing physical activity’.

The strategy recently underwent its first 5 Year Review in 2008. The Review restated the importance of physical activity and called for the continuation of the strategy alongside some additional recommendations.

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