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British Heart Foundation Active Schools Information

Provides a link to the British Heart Foundation Active School set of information. The Active School programme aims to increase physical activity levels in primary and secondary schools.

A series of documents providing information on the British Heart Foundation’s Active School programme.  Access to background and information booklet, guidelines on developing a ‘Physical Activity Policy’ and a booklet of useful information are provided through the link.  These documents are applicable throughout the U.K.  The background document clearly explains the aims and objectives of the Active School programme.  The document also describes Active Schools’ key features, the benefits of physical activity for young people and recommended physical activity targets.  The relevance of physical activity to the National Curricula throughout the U.K. is also discussed.  The policy document clearly addresses the issue of developing a physical activity policy and development plan for a school.  This document also identifies the key issues that should be recognised in this process.  Case studies of successful policy making processes are also provided.  The useful information document provides innovative ways to incorporate games and activities into the school day, information on accessing funding and training (especially in terms of coaching qualifications) and a list of organisations to contact for assistance or further information.

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