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Best buys for preventing NCDs

The World Health Organization has released a list of ‘Best Buys’ and recommended interventions to address non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

The best buy for physical activity is considered to be the implementation of community-wide public education and awareness campaigns for physical activity which include mass media campaigns combined with other community-based education, motivational and environmental programmes aimed at supporting behavioural change of physical activity levels.

Other cost effective interventions include the provision of physical activity counselling and referral as part of routine primary health care services through the use of brief interventions.

The list also contains recommended interventions that have not been subject to a cost analysis.

The report contains 88 interventions for:

the four key behavioural risk factors for NCDs - tobacco, harmful use of alcohol, unhealthy diet and physical inactivity

four key disease areas - cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and chronic respiratory disease.

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