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Active Schools Network Evaluation Year Three (2006/2007): Loughborough Summary Report and Sport Scotland Response

A review of the Active Schools Network in Scotland for its third year (2006/2007). Reports successes and weaknesses of the network in terms of delivery and participation.

sportscotland's report evaluates the efficacy of the Active Schools Network in Scotland in its third year (2006/2007). 

Findings:  A net increase in physical activity uptake throughout schools from the first year of the project, although the marked increases in physical activity uptake noted in Year 2 were not maintained, with an actual decrease in physical activity being noted between Year 2 and 3.  A limited, although varied, change in traditionally more sedentary groups.  There was a persistent, marked, gender gap in uptake of physical activity with males engaging more than females.  The use of the Active Schools network was consistently more effective in terms of outcomes in Primary rather than Secondary Schools.  Active Schools Coordinators (Secondary) [ASC(S)] again reported time constraints as a major issue in the effective use of the program. 

Implications:  Network co-coordinators need more assistance from practitioners in order to deliver a better service.  In order to increase participation hard-to-reach groups, such as girls and young women should be targeted, with priority given to activities for less active groups.

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Maggie Murray, Acting Director of Widening Opportunities, sportscotland. Phone: 0141 534 6501

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