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Scottish Disability Sport and World Walking Travel to Rio

To celebrate the upcoming Rio 2016 Paralympics, Scottish Disability Sport (SDS) have teamed up with World Walking for a special challenge and invite you to get involved.

SDS have created a group on World Walking called ‘Scottish Disability Sport’ and plan to invite all of their branches from across Scotland to join with the goal of trying to complete the 30,000 mile challenge in time for the Paralympics starting on 7 September 2016!

Although the website is called World Walking anyone can use it to record the distances they clock up by their own efforts as long as they know far they have covered.  You can add your distances in steps, kilometres and miles so as long as you have a pedometer, activity tracker or have some other way of calculating your distance you can record it and help us achieve our goal of arriving in Rio in time for the start of the Games!

Go to to log in and get started and help SDS on their Road to Rio! 


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