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Dragon Boat Racing

An interesting new opportunity in Edinburgh - Dragon Boat Racing!

Who is it for?

A group of volunteers from Edinburgh are aiming to bring the exciting and colourful team sport of Dragon Boat Racing to the region – with the key aims of promoting breast cancer awareness and actively helping those who are recovering from the disease. Although predominantly for breast cancer survivors, they welcome those who have had other types of cancer, the families, supporters and those who are interested in the sport of Dragon Boat Racing.


Where did the inspiration come from?

The Edinburgh based group are known as ‘Paddlers for Life – Scotland South East’, and they are following in the footsteps of similar groups, based in Liverpool, Worcester and Windermere, who were inspired to paddle by Canadian medical studies that highlighted the benefits of participating in the sport.


Dr Don McKenzie’s (MD, PhD) research at the Allan McGavin Institute of Sports Medicine (University of British Columbia, Vancouver) led to the foundation of the breast cancer dragon boat movement in 1996. His findings indicated a marked improvement in both the physical and mental health of cancer-recovering participants – which helped them to lead fuller and more active lives.


The UK Breast Cancer Dragon Boat Movement was formed in Liverpool in 2005 and the Edinburgh club is the newest group to form under the ‘Paddlers for Life’ banner.


How can I get involved?

The delivery of the Edinburgh based Chinese Dragon Boat is expected mid September 2011 and they hope to have a second boat by Spring 2012.


They paddle most Sundays, weather permitting and providing they have enough paddlers to man the boat. The times of the paddling sessions will be posted on their website in advance but anyone who wishes to join them should make contact throught the website to ensure that there are enough participants for paddling to go ahead


Why not go along and join in?

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