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Improving Health and Wellbeing through our Natural Health Service

Start date 10/3/2017 | End date 10/3/2017
Where is this happening? Edinburgh

Scotland's natural environment is an under-utilised asset for the promotion and improvement of physical and mental health and well-being. In particular, green exercise which denotes an active and passive engagement in the outdoors to foster better health outcomes has a significant role to play in tackling pressing health issues.

With a growing evidence-base for action to link the environment and the public’s health, a changing health and social care landscape and complex population needs, now is the time to make more use of Scotland's abundant environmental resources to improve health and wellbeing.

This event will explore how developing our natural health service can help support and complement the NHS and wider healthcare delivery. We will examine the policy context, programme of interventions already underway and opportunities for organisations to work together to maximise, up-scale and co-ordinate approaches to using Scotland's natural environment to improve health and wellbeing.


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