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YDance Active

We're working in partnership with Sportscotland to deliver the Active Girls Project, supporting girls in both school and community settings to become more physically active through dance. Our branch of the project, YDance Active, is funded to deliver a Youth Training Programme and a Workforce Development Programme nationally across Scotland.

Project Categories:

Life Stage: Children and Young People

Setting: Secondary School

Where the project is delivered: All local authorities except Glasgow, Dundee, Falkirk, Renfrewshire and Western Isles


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How It Started

YDance Active was started to support girls in both school and community settings to become more physically active through dance.

We also offer the Sportsleaders UK SCQF level 4 & QCF level 2 in Dance Leadership, this leaves a legacy of dance in each of the local authorities in Scotland after our project had moved on.

Another aim is to train/ skill up teachers and support staff with a tailored CPD programme, the staff would then be able to facilitate dance sessions with the help of the qualified young leaders.

Partners Involved

YDance Active is part of Active Girls - a Scottish Government funded programme, managed by Sportscotland and delivered in partnership with Youth Scotland and The Youth Sport Trust.

(Youth Scotland) Girls on the Move's project is designed to increase physical activity levels among girls and young women in Scotland.

(Youth Sports Trust) Fit For Girls' project is promoting physical activity among girls and young women through bespoke training for education providers.


Our Youth Training Programme offers:

A one day workshop for secondary schools in curriculum time for 15-40 targeted young women to inspire and motivate them to become more physically active through dance (S3-S6). An opportunity to apply for a place on one of our 4/5 day intensive Dance Leadership courses- SCQF Level 4/ QCF Level 2. We take up to 40 girls from across the Local Authority on each course. Our hope is that every participating school will have at least 1 qualified Dance leader who can deliver extra-curricular dance within the school or local community under direct supervision from a qualified member of staff.

We also offer CPD for teachers and staff:

Inspire CPD – 3 hour session for those already working with young women who would like to develop basic dance skills. These give the basics required to run fun, physical activity workshops using dance. Warm Ups & dance games with easy to follow dance sequences and ways to develop lesson plans.

Enhance CPD – For dance providers already delivering dance to teenage girls within a school or community. This full day workshop will look to enhance current dance skills by providing new ideas & methods of teaching. This programme can also be delivered over a number of twilight sessions.

As continuing support, every qualified Dance Leader and CPD participant is given access to our online Digital Hub resource which is regularly updated. This provides;

• An outline and description of different dance styles

• Updated videos of warm ups and cool downs

• Updated videos of dance sequences in a range of dance styles

• Different angles from which to view the dance sequences

• Vocal instruction to take the viewer through the movement step by step

• Lesson plans detailing how to build the material into a series of dance sessions

• Inspiring photographs showing a variety of dance styles

Results and Impact

As of Dec 2014 YDance Active has;

• worked with 7786 teenage girls across Scotland in day dance workshops

• Qualified 1400 of these girls at Award in Dance Leadership SCQF Level 4

• Qualified 142 of the above girls at Dance Leadership QCF Level 2

• Trained 397 Teachers, volunteers and Active Schools Coordinators

In addition to the statistical evidence which we collect for Sportscotland, the YDance Active team maintains contact with every Dance Leader through social media and Dance Leader updates. This way we can ensure they are receiving the support needed to continue with their leadership journey and they are able to ask us for advice at any time. Evidence shows that there are now increased opportunities for children and young people to take part in dance as a direct result of the Dance Leadership programme.

Lessons Learned

We have become increasingly aware that lots of detailed communication between ourselves and our partner agencies such as Active Schools is absolutely paramount in the smooth and successful running of the project.

We rely on the continued support of the Active Schools teams in each local authority to ensure that we are reaching the best possible participants for our sessions and for the ongoing provision of dance in that area after our tutors have moved on. We have also had to be flexible with regards to each school’s timetable, working around busy exam/prelim periods of the year and timetabling our leadership courses in over school holidays, in-service days and weekends.

What's next for the project?

Further development of the YDance Active programme over the next three years would allow YDance to build on an already solid relationship with Active Schools, and promote physical activity through dance not only to the girls who participate directly in the workshops and leadership training, but also to those with whom the young dance leaders and adult mentors work, increasing the reach and developing a stronger culture of physical activity among teenage girls in Scotland.

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Sarah Smith


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The Briggait 141 Bridgegate Glasgow G1 5HZ

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0141 552 7712

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The Briggait 141 Bridgegate Glasgow G1 5HZ

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