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Vitality is a quality assured NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde (GG&C) and local authority physical activity programme. The classes support participants to exercise at a level suitable to their functional abilities. The classes are suitable for people with different physical abilities and medical conditions including stroke, heart conditions, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis and breathing difficulties to name but a few.

How It Started

Vitality replaced previous disease specific classes which ran within local authorities. These classes were bottle necking and problems arose when participants had multiple condiitions hence why Vitality was developed. A steering group was set up with NHS GG&C professionals and local authority staff to develop a quality assured physical activity programme for participants with long term medical conditions.

Partners Involved

Vitality is a joint partnership between NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde with service providers (who deliver the classes):

- Glasgow Life
- East Dunbartonshire Leisure
- East Renfrewshire Council
- West Dunbartonshire Leisure
- Renfrewshire Leisure
- Inverclyde Leisure


The classes are led by highly trained and experienced instructors (as per the Vitality quality assurance framework) who are able to tailor exercises to suit any participant. The exercises performed within the classes are aimed to help participants carry out daily activities more easily.

There are four different classes available for participants to attend which ensure that, if appropriate, participants can progress to the next class and improve further with their health and fitness goals.

There are various ways participants can access Vitality - self referral by completing the Vitality suitability questionnaire; from Primary Care; from Live Active Referral Scheme or direct from NHS Rehab service.

Participants attend the appropriate class at their choosen venue (all local venues now operate Vitality) and attend 15 minutes before the start of their first class. This allows the instructor time to go through their questionnaire and ask any appropriate questions.

Results and Impact

Vitality has been operating fully since 1st April 2010 and the following results have been achieved so far:

- Currently there are 128 vitality classes operating on a weekly basis.
- Within its first year (April 2010 - April 2011) there was over 60,000 attendances to Vitality classes.
- Looking at 1st April 2011 - 31st Decemeber 2011 over 50,000 attendances have been made.

Lessons Learned

Creation of steering group with all physiotherapy leads from all disciplines was critical to ensure classes were suitable for all patients.

What's next for the project?

Currently Vitality is undertaking a development process to ensure that participants who cannot speak English can access the class.
In addition the programme is looking to expand based on needs - i.e. evening or weekend classes.

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Lead Contact Name

Debbie Wyllie


Physical and Outdoor Activities Officer


Glasgow Life


Glasgow Sport, 20 Trongate, Glasgow, G1 5ES

Phone Number

0141 287 9882

Email Address


Glasgow Sport 20 Trongate Glasgow G1 5ES

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