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Live Active Referral Scheme

Live Active is a joint partnership between NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde (GG&C) and partner local authorities to support participants to become more active and manage their weight.

How It Started

The Scheme started in 1997 due to GP requests. The aim of the Scheme is to increase levels of physical activity, improve weight management and equip participants with the skills to lead a regularly active life.

Partners Involved

The scheme is a joint partnership between NHS GG&C and local authority partners who deliver the service (namely):

- Glasgow Life
- East Dunbartonshire Leisure
- West Dunbartonshire Leisure
- Renfrehshire Leisure Trust
- South Lanarkshire Leisure
- East Renfrewshire Council
- Inverclyde Leisure
- Glasgow Caledonian University


The scheme is a 12 month 1-2-1 behavioural intervention for participants to address their physical activty and weight management behaviours.

Referals are made by health professionals to one of the 24 full time live active advisors who are based at all local leisure centres and community centres.

Participants enrol on the scheme for 12 months and receive support, advice and encouragement to become more active and address their weight. The advisor undertakes a 1-2-1 health consultation at the start, the 6 month stage and at the end (12months). In addition the advisor will support the participant as and when required by letters, calls or practical support and signpost them to appropriate services/activities.

The referring professional is kept up to date with progress.

Results and Impact

Since the scheme started:

- Over 75,000 referrals have been made;
- Over 9,000 referrals are received on a yearly basis;
- Currently 88% of all GP Practices in GG&C make referrals to the scheme;
- 2/3 of participants referred attend their baseline appointment;
- Over 1/3 attend their 6 month appointment;
- 1/5 attend their 12 month consultation.

A recent external evaluation was completed on the scheme and showed:

- Participants increased the amount of moderate physical activity they took from baseline to 6 months. This was sustained at 12 months;
- The proportion of participants who were exercising on their own and had been for longer than 6 months increased from baseline to 6 and 12 months follow-up;
- Participating in Live Active was associated with a reduction in anxiety and depression at 6 and 12 months;
- Participants perception of their own health increased between baseline and 6 or 12 months;
- Participation in the scheme was associated with weight loss between baseline and 6 or 12 months.

A small sample of participants were followed up 6 months after completing the scheme (ie 18 months after baseline appointment) to explore continuing levels of activity. The majority of those surveyed:

- Continued to exercise at levels sufficient to achieve health gain;
- Exercised independently and had been regularly active for longer than 6 months;
- Felt their relationships with others had improved;
- Felt Live Active had a positive impact on their ability to exercise independently.

To view the most recent Live Active evaluations, please visit the link below.

Lessons Learned

Promotion within primary and acute care is critical but can be very challenging at times. In addition to working to develop stonger links with primary and acute care, Live Active have promoted the scheme within the community to encourage the target audience to approach their GP about taking part.

What's next for the project?

The scheme has recently been adapted to ensure it is accesible for participants with learning disaibilities. Currently the scheme is looking at moving to electronic referral processes.

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Fiona Watt


Health Improvement Senior


NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde


West House, Gartnavel Royal Hospital, 1055 Great Western Road, Glasgow, G12 OXH

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0141 201 4756

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West House Gartnavel Royal Hospital 1055 Great Western Road Glasgow G12 OXH

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