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High Life

High Life is an innovative system of affordable, all-inclusive access to all leisure facilities.
It is unique in terms of membership price, range of activities and the number of facilities included.

How It Started

High Life was created in response to the UK wide experience of a downturn in physical activity and therefore also in the income stream for leisure facilities thus impacting on schemes for lower income families.

High Life was designed specifically with the aim of attracting families and individuals of all socio-economic groups, those potentially on low incomes not just ‘unwaged’.

Partners Involved

The Council’s Leisure Management Team led the planning and implementation of this radical all-inclusive access at a cost that would generate a ‘wow’ factor in the community.

High Life now works in partnership with many partners to enable promotion for inclusion to budget card holders, including ‘Looked After Children’ (who have free cards) and targeted groups such as Housing Service Tenants.


High Life was designed specifically with the aim of attracting families and individuals of all socio-economic groups, including those potentially on low incomes not just ‘unwaged’.

Unlimited access to 22 leisure facilities at just £16.80 per month (individual) or £23.60 (family) for an all-inclusive membership. This membership uniquely includes access to instructional classes including, keep-fit, swimming lessons and holiday programme activities, making it radically different from any other comparable scheme.

Income raised from the membership scheme allows for re-investment for programme development and improving facilities to enhance user experience, which is a key element in improving attitudes towards participation.

High Life has also become synonymous for healthy choices; the card also acts as a Library, Young Scot / National Entitlement Card offering discounts and incentives i.e healthy school meals choices for rewards at Leisure Centres.

Results and Impact

High Life evaluations provide compelling evidence of effectiveness of increasing regular access to leisure, achieving a staggering a 40% increase in attendance in it’s first year and reporting the following in 2011:

High Life Memberships
 40,000 all-inclusive memberships
 11,000 of which were Budget memberships

Facility Visits
 2,000,000 active annual visits
 66,000 of which were Budget visits

Lessons Learned


What's next for the project?

High Life plans for this year include the introduction of online booking and social media providing 24hr health information.

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Lead Contact Name

Ian Murray


Chief Executive


High Life Highland


12-13 Ardross Street, Inverness, IV3 5NS

Phone Number

01463 663800

Email Address


12-13 Ardross Street Inverness IV3 5NS

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