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Cani-Fit Getting Fit With Your Dog

Cani-Fit is Scotland's leading dog and owner fitness company providing professional exercise training for both dogs and their owners.

With National and World Champions in a variety of sled dog sports, Cani-Fit adapt their expertise to suit every dog owner.  Through sports such as canicross, bikejor and scootering, we teach dogs and humans how to work get fit while having fun. Working as part of a team with your dog not only forms a stronger bond but can eliminate behavioural problems through good use of exercise. All our training sessions are fully insured.

Cani-Fit run fitness classes, based around the sport of canicross, in parks across Scotland. Focussing on beginners, we encourage people to engage with their dog, enjoy the outdoors, learn new skills and get fit in the process. Recently, Cani-Fit has undertaken a Kids program - Cani-Fit Jnrs - encouraging children aged 6 -14 to take part in the sport with their pet dogs, with adult supervision where needed.

Alongside the training and classes Cani-Fit host races and events across Scotland.  Ruff Dugger - Scotland's dog friendly answer to Tough Mudder - is a natural, trail and mud obstacle course while Cani-Fit eXperience includes fast paced bikejor, scooter and canicross races.  All of these events are held in private estates over a weekend.


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How It Started

I (Lindsay Johnson, business owner) found there was a gap in the market when it came to fitness training with dogs in Scotland.

I was a keen enthusiast in the sport of canicross and had an interest in sled dog sports. I wanted to get fitter to race with my dog but unfortunately discovered no training group / club would allow me to join with my dog and so I created my own group.

I realised my passion for the sport could help others reap the benefits I had.

Partners Involved

We partner with Run4it, who help support our business though promotion and supporting our events with prizes.


We hold classes throughout Ayrshire, Lanarkshire, Glasgow and Renfrewshire, with pop up workshops in areas further afield. A class leader organises and hosts each class. Our events are held in private estates across Scotland.

Marketing is mainly though social media, networking, posters and through partnering with companies such as Run4it.

Results and Impact

"I can’t recommend Cani-Fit highly enough. It has completely transformed my fitness, cemented the bond I have with my dog, and introduced me to a great bunch of people!"

"Lindsay is a great coach – full of encouragement, always positive, lots of sensible and pragmatic advice (for both humans & dogs), but not afraid to tell you to pull your socks up when you need to!"

"I booked in some initial 1:1 sessions with Lindsay to get to grips with things before were joined the group classes and found these sessions really helpful. Lindsay was quick to gauge my fitness (or lack of) and the dog’s natural ability – teaching me how to get the best out of both of us on the trails, and providing invaluable advice on the right equipment (this can be tricky when you don’t have a typical ‘running’ dog)."

"When I started Cani-Fit I had only ever ran the length of myself & I’d hated every second of it. Although I had considered myself ‘fit enough’ I really wasn’t! But with Lindsay’s help and encouragement I am now a full on Cani-Fit addict, spending as much of my free time as possible out training with Charlie & Ruby and all their Cani-Fit doggy pals. Cani-Fit is more than just a training class - it’s a community, and a really strong one!" - Helen Rourke, Charlie & Ruby

Lessons Learned

It is important to have a good structure to classes, delivering exercises with variations each week to keep people interested, while ensuring similarities so they learn how to exercise correctly and see benefits from doing so.

Communication and education is vital in our field. We explain what is expected before hand and offer handy hints and tips during and after each session.

Constant promoting is important as classes can get very busy and promotion can slip. We occasionally see a lull in numbers if we are not keeping on top of encouraging new members to come along.

Planning ahead is important, giving us plenty of time to organise sessions and events.

What's next for the project?

There are a number of Ruff Dugger events scheduled in new estates over the next year. Our next big project within the company is to create Cani-Fit leader programs and to look at expanding licenced Cani-Fit classes in to other areas across the UK.

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5 Kilmarnock Road Kimaurs KA3 2RA

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