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Primary School

Sinclairtown Street Design Project

Last Updated: 4/9/2014

This is a novel partnership approach to the development of an active travel project. It takes on a practical aspect of exploring resident’s needs and actions with the concept that better quality places can be an important means of increasing active travel. This project worked with residents, the school community and council over an extended period to develop a set of design proposals that would encourage more active travel. This innovative project takes a holistic approach towards understanding how neighbourhoods can be better and safer places to travel through actively and better places to live, play and socialise on.


Baby Massage & Playaway Fife

Last Updated: 12/5/2012

The early experience of infants and children has an impact on their health and well being in later life. Parenting programmes that incorporate nurturing stimulation through play contribute to the physical and neural development of infants and young children by enhancing cognitive, physical and social functioning. Baby Massage and playaway Groups are universal programmes that allow professionals, practitioners and other agencies to utilise the play@home Books further with families and encourage them to interact with their children in a social environment.


Football Fans In Training

Last Updated: 12/5/2012

Football Fans in Training (FFIT) is a physical activity, healthy eating and weight management programme for overweight/obese men aged 35-65 years. Delivered by coaches at all Scottish Premier League (SPL) football clubs over the last two years, FFIT has successfully attracted men (a traditionally-hard-to reach group) from all sectors of society. Participants describe how FFIT has given them a ‘kick up the backside’ and helped them make positive changes to their lifestyles; they feel better, have more energy and say the football club setting was crucial in motivating them to join, become more active and improve their health and lifestyles.

Showing 1 to 3 of 3 1

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