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Mini Mover Programme

Last Updated: 4/23/2014

The Mini Movers programme is one of the conduits within the local Detecting Cancer Early activities and promotes the links between being physically active and the reduction of the risk of certain cancers within the early years setting.


Baby Massage & Playaway Fife

Last Updated: 12/5/2012

The early experience of infants and children has an impact on their health and well being in later life. Parenting programmes that incorporate nurturing stimulation through play contribute to the physical and neural development of infants and young children by enhancing cognitive, physical and social functioning. Baby Massage and playaway Groups are universal programmes that allow professionals, practitioners and other agencies to utilise the play@home Books further with families and encourage them to interact with their children in a social environment.


Dunbar Primary School

Last Updated: 5/9/2012

Dunbar Primary School has an exceptionally high number of pupils that regularly cycling and scoot to school. These numbers have been increasing over the past 6 years in tandem with improvements to walking and the cycling infrastructure around the schools and ongoing promotion with bi-annual Walk to School Weeks. This case study explains how they managed to overcome their cycle and scooter storage problems.

Showing 1 to 3 of 3 1

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