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The Heart of an Active Nation

The Sport and Recreation Alliance has released its new strategy for 2017-2021 called The Heart of an Active Nation to create a vibrant sport and recreation sector which is fit for the future. The strategy outlines its ambition to create a vibrant sport and recreation sector reflecting the changing demographics, environments, resources and technologies that are happening.

The vision of the strategy is an active nation through sport and recreation. It describes a world that the alliance wants to see, because of the important role of sport and recreation on physical and mental wellbeing, the economy and the development of society.

The strategy sets out four objectives which will be the main focus of work and receive the majority of resources:

Demonstrate the economic and social value of sport and recreation.

Make sport and recreation volunteering more representative and more accessible.

Work together with the sector to improve the availability, accessibility and quality of sport and recreation for children and young people.

Make our members and us fit for the future.

The full strategy can be downloaded below:

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