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The Big Pedal 2015

In March 2015, the Big Pedal took place in schools across the country.

The inter-school cycling and scooting challenge run by Sustrans encouraged children, parents and teachers to swap their cars for either a bike or scooter to try and get their school to the top of the national leaderboard. 

Figures released from Sustrans revealed that over the course of three weeks, the 557,223 children, parents and teachers that registered in the UK: 

  • cycled/scooted over three and a half million miles to and from school
  • saved over two million car journeys
  • saved over £475,000 in fuel costs and 94,000 gallons of fuel.

In Scotland 222 schools took part, with a combined total of 39,030 pupils cycling or scooting a total distance of over 330,000 miles in just three weeks.

To read more visit The Big Pedal website.


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