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Street Audit Training

4 free training courses on how to use audits to improve your neighbourhood which in turn helps communities to improve their local walking environments

Do you want to help create safer, more vibrant streets and spaces that will encourage more everyday walking?

Street audits are a tried and tested method of delivering small and larger scale improvements to local walking environments. Audits are community led, focus on local need and bring together local people with their local authority representatives. The audit method can be used to assess and identify improvements for paths and spaces, as well as streets.

Even small changes can make a big difference, and audits conducted previously have resulted in a range of improvements for local people including – campaigns against dog fouling; more litter bins; better street cleaning; re-surfacing of pavements and paths; removal of pavement obstructions; and more.

Living Streets in Scotland is running four free training courses on how to use audits to improve your neighbourhood. By taking part in the one-day course you will learn:

What makes a walkable community

How walkable communities help increase everyday physical activity, i.e. everyday walking

Examples of small and larger scale improvements that can make a difference

What is involved in the audit process – including trying a sample audit for yourself

How to plan for and organise your group to undertake an audit

How best to get results from the audit process.

Audit training is open to anyone interested in working with a group that they are involved with to undertake an audit in their local area, but may be of particular interest to Health Walk Leaders, Health Walk Scheme Co-ordinators, Community Paths Group members, Community Learning & Development workers, Tenant & Residents Association members or Community Council members. Training will take place in Glasgow, Alloa, Edinburgh and Inverness between October 2012 and March 2013.

To register your interest please visit our website and fill in our form and we will be in touch shortly with further information.


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