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Still too many barriers to participation in sport

A Scottish Parliament committee examining the levels of participation in sport says there is still work to be done in encouraging more people to take part in grassroots sport, over two years after Glasgow hosted the Commonwealth Games.

The finding is included in an interim report of the committee’s inquiry into barriers to sport participation, the Commonwealth Games legacy and barriers to sport.

Members of the committee visited Community Sports Hubs around the country and the committee also carried out a survey of over 3,000 people to gather views as to why people either do or do not participate in sport or physical activity.

The biggest barrier to participation was a perceived lack of time. A shortage of local facilities and cost were also seen as significant barriers.

The survey revealed that females (25%) were almost twice as likely as males (13%) to not take part in regular sport or physical activity.
Feeling self-conscious and carer or family commitments were the leading reasons of non-participation for females.

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