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Sport for everyone - Consultation phase 2

A call has been made for written views by the Scottish Parliament and Health and Sport Committee as part of phase 2 of its Sport for Everyone Inquiry.

The Committee is keen to receive responses which focus on grassroots sport and the importance of developing strategies to remove barriers to participation. It is also interested in hearing views on how Scotland might increase sport and physical activity participation rates across all groups and sectors of society.

Responses could address the following questions:

1. Can you provide examples where a community-based approach has been successful in removing barriers to participation in sport and physical activity?
2. What were the key ingredients to that success?
3. Were there any approaches that were particularly successful in increasing participation among certain social groups, like women, ethnic minorities, certain age-groups?
4.To what extent are these approaches unique to a particular area and set of circumstances, or replicable in other parts of the country?

The call for views will close on 30 June.

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