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Scottish Adults Most Active in UK

A report has shown that people in Scotland are more physically active than those in any other parts of the UK.

Analysis by the Global Observatory for Physical Activity (GoPA) showed 64% of Scottish adults met the recommended guidelines for physical activity in 2013.  In England the figure is 59%, with Northern Ireland (53%) and Wales (29%) also lower than Scotland.

For Scotland the figures were taken from the Scottish Health Survey 2013. They relate to the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendation that adults should take part in 150 minutes of moderate physical activity each week.

The WHO includes walking and gardening as well as cleaning in its definition of physical activity.

The Global Observatory for Physical Activity has released country report cards for 131 countries covering 67% of the world.  Country cards collate the existing information on demographic factors, deaths related to physical inactivity, the current surveillance process and policy status, prevalence of physical activity and research metrics. An individual country card is available for each country in the UK.

To view the full set of Global Observatory for Physical Activity country scorecards, visit the GoPA website.  You can access Scotland’s report card here.


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