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Revitalising Town Centres - Progress

Progress on regenerating Scotland's town centres has been outlined in the 'Town Centre Action Plan - One Year On' report which presents the progress reached on achieving milestones in the action plan.

Local Government and Planning Minister Derek Mackay has announced a programme of town centre planning pilots, which will see the Government provide nine local authorities with a share of £119,000 over two years to fund pilot schemes under the proactive planning theme.

The following actions in the Town Centre Action Plan - One Year On report relate most to promoting active travel:


“We will work with local authorities and other relevant partners to develop and maintain walking and cycling routes, public realm improvements and cycle parking facilities in town centre areas where high levels of cycling can be achieved.”

“Sustrans have received record levels of funding in 2014-15 to deliver a programme of Community Links projects – targeting gaps and deficiencies in local active travel networks, where there is the greatest potential to increase walking and cycling for short journeys. There are 187 partnership projects as part of the current Community Links programme being funded across Scotland, including a significant number focused in and around town centres.”

“Sustrans is working with 31 local authorities and 10 other partners across the country to distribute £20 million of SG funding in 2014-15 and 2015-16, which will deliver projects worth over £40 million due to match funding.”

“In addition, we will be making £5 million available to local authorities and their partners in 2015-16 for an extension of the Smarter Choices, Smarter Places initiative, which will support a range of projects focused on encouraging people to make smarter, more sustainable travel choices. This will build on the significant recent infrastructure investment in walking and cycling routes to encourage and enable people to choose walking, cycling and public transport for short journeys. Local authorities will be asked to target communities in their area, and journeys/destinations, where the opportunity to achieve modal shift is greatest. It is anticipated that, in many cases, this will include travel to town centres and the funding guidance will highlight the opportunity for authorities to deliver on their commitment to the town centre first principle through this type of activity.”

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