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Review of Exercise Referral Schemes in Scotland

NHS Health Scotland Review of Exercise Referral Schemes

As part of NHS Health Scotland's ongoing work on the National Physical Activity Pathway, they recently commissioned the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Science at Loughborough University to conduct a review of Exercise Referral Schemes (ERS) in Scotland and seek your support to help identify existing ERS services within your local area. This review builds on previous work undertaken by the former British Heart Foundation National Centre for Physical Activity and Health, Loughborough University and NHS Health Scotland.

The purpose of the review is to capture insight into the current provision of ERS in Scotland via an online survey.  Data from the survey will be analysed to identify key themes relating to the implementation, delivery and evaluation of ERS.  In addition, this new data will be mapped against the historical audit data to identify any trends in growth or reduction of ERS across Scotland.

Findings from the review will be summarised into a final summary report which will draw out the key features of ERS delivery and the spread and scale of ERS service provision in Scotland.  This report will be disseminated and used to inform existing practice and to identify the status of ERS services in relation to the National Physical Activity Pathway.

To ensure the survey reaches out to as many professionals as possible NHS Health Scotland are currently building an ERS contact database. If you are involved with an ERS scheme in Scotland and would like to take part in the forthcoming survey, please click on the link below to provide your contact details.

NHS Health Scotland would be most grateful if you could share this information with anyone else you think may be involved with an Exercise Referral Scheme in Scotland.

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