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Opportunity to take part in Obesity Research Landscape Review

As the Scottish Government propose revising the Obesity Route Map (ORM), NHS Health Scotland in conjunction with the Scottish Collaboration for Public Health Research and Policy (SCPHRP) are undertaking a landscape review of all the existing, ongoing and planned obesity research that has and / or is being conducted on Scottish populations within the last decade.

It is hoped that this research will help identify important knowledge and action gaps regarding obesity prevalence, treatment and prevention in Scotland while also leading to potential collaboration opportunities that could help move Scotland’s obesity research agenda forward in a more progressive way.

If you have been involved in obesity research in the past decade NHS Health Scotland and the SCPHRP would be interested in obtaining the details of any such research to include in the review. Specifically, researchers are interested in any primary research which adds to their understanding obesity in Scotland. This may include anything from descriptive studies which outline the nature of obesity to intervention studies (primary, secondary and tertiary prevention). Intervention studies must have included some form of health outcome evaluation. Both published and unpublished research will be included.

Data collection: It was decided that the most efficient way to collect accurate data on published, unpublished, ongoing and planned obesity research would be to request that you send us a list of grants and publications in which you have been involved, for example by sending us your CV (alternatively, you can just send an email with any information you think may be useful). Researchers will then extract the relevant research projects, add them to a database, and give you the opportunity to check what has been extracted for accuracy before it is included in the review.

Data protection: Any data you provide will be treated confidentially in keeping with the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998. Only the research team will have access to raw data, and the database will be saved on a password-protected computer within the SCPHRP secure offices. After you have verified the accuracy of the data extracted, the researchers will delete your CV and any other documents. While potentially sensitive data will be collected on project funders and funding amounts, this data will be analysed collectively and reported at an aggregate level in the final review, therefore identification of the funding awarded to any individual or project will not be possible.

Consent: You are under no obligation provide us with any information, and participation is 100% voluntary. By sending your CV or any other documentation, you will be providing your consent for the researchers to use the information contained within it for the purposes of this obesity landscape review.

For further details or to participate in the review contact


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