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Nominations for the UK Honours Birthday 2018 List are now open

A huge number of individuals, both volunteers and staff, contribute significantly to sport in Scotland. It is important that these individuals can be recognised for the contribution they make to the vibrancy and diversity of sport in Scotland.

This is your opportunity to nominate the most worthy individuals within your sport and your community for a UK Honours Award!

The Scottish Sports Association (SSA), the independent and collective voice of Scottish Governing Bodies of sport, our members and the Scottish Government are working in partnership to identify and recognise the individuals who make a real and innovative difference to sport in Scotland. We are particularly looking for those who have made a difference to club and community sport, and need your help to identify and nominate these individuals from within your community.

Nominations for the UK Honours Birthday 2018 List are now open and close on 7th August.

Full details of criteria and processes can be found on the website below:

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