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MacMillan Walking Success

In respo nse to patient feedback, new walking routes have been designed by patients, volunteers and staff at Macmillan Day Care to encourage physical activity in line with Macmillan Cancer Support’s national ‘Move More’ programme.

 ‘Move More’ recommends four interventions – circuit classes, walking programmes, gentle movement (tai chi, chi gung, yoga) and gardening; aimed at offering something for everyone to become or remain physically active.

Following on from the findings of the 2013 NHS Tayside AHP Apprenticeship Practice Development Scheme, patients who attended Macmillan Day Care indicated that walking was their preferred choice of physical activity rather than a circuit class. Staff in Macmillan Day Care responded to this by developing Medal Walking Routes, carefully designed with different levels, at bronze, silver and gold, to encourage patients to maintain or increase physical activity levels within their abilities.

Promoting physical activity is now considered beneficial all stages of the care pathway and NICE (2015) recommends that all patients should be informed of the benefits of physical activity.  Losing the ability to walk is often considered the single biggest predictor of disability; often prompting hospital admission and preventing discharge.

For more information, visit the AHPScot blog.



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