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Health Select Committee Report

The UK Government responds to the Health Select Committee's report on the impact of physical activity and diet in health.

In March 2015, the Health Select Committee released a report highlighting that physical activity should be treated as a priority in itself. The report also presented key recommendations for the next government on approaches to promote physical activity.

On 17 July 2015, the Government released a response welcoming the report due to the wealth of available evidence that active lifestyles and a healthy lifestyle can help the prevention and management of over 20 chronic conditions. Support was issued for the committee’s emphasis on working together to combat inactivity and poor diet by creating supportive food and activity environments. Support was also provided for the important role that healthcare professionals can play in promoting healthier lifestyles.

The response acknowledged that the issues of physical activity and diet are serious public health priorities for the next term of government; but emphasized that more needs to be done to help provide adequate support for people of all ages to sustain a healthy weight over time. There is also recognition that action to support behaviour change is needed for children, adults and families.

Throughout the report, the Government outlined the action that has already been taken to promote active lifestyles and healthy diets and presented their committement to new initiatives and work that will underpin the promotion of physical activity and healthy eating in the future.

You can download the UK Government’s response here or by visiting the Gov.UK website


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