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Health and Education at the Heart of Budget

Scottish Government commits £3.9 million to support walking and cycling infrastructure.

Deputy First Minister John Swinney recently set out the Scottish Government spending plans to create a fairer and more prosperous Scotland. At the heart of the Budget is the recognition that a strong economy is only successful, if it is underpinned by a society that is fair and equitable.

The Finance Secretary also put key public services of health and education at the heart of the budget confirming an increase of £383m in frontline health spending next year.

Focusing on health and education the Finance Secretary said:

“The health of our population and the education of our young people are two of the most important responsibilities of government and they are at the top of our priorities."

"A vote for the budget today will see an additional £127m of extra spending for frontline healthcare in our NHS. That will take our total additional frontline investment for 2015-16 to £383 million as part of a total NHS budget in excess of £12 billion, and every penny of that money will help our frontline services."

For more information, visit the Scottish Government website.



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