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Glasgow Plans for 20mph

Drivers in Glasgow’s city centre could have their top speed restricted to 20mph under plans intended to cut the number of accidents on the city’s roads.

Following in Edinburgh's footsteps, Glasgow city council have announced a public consultation on the proposed new speed limit with the hopes that the restriction will be in place by March 2016

A spokesperson for Glasgow City Council said the new restriction would improve road safety and encourage more active forms of transport.

She added that studies undertaken by the council had found that traffic in the city centre moved at an average speed of 22.6mph, making it possible to implement the new, reduced limit without the introduction of traffic calming measures such as speed bumps.

Slower traffic speeds lead to fewer accidents. The introduction of a reduced speed limit will have positive benefits of slower vehicles movements, reduced numbers and severity of accidents and a less hectic environment which is more encouraging for cyclists and pedestrians.

For more information, visit the Guardian website.


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