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Glasgow 2014 Cultural Programme Evaluation

An evaluation published on 8 June 2015 has reported the success of the Cultural Programme which was part of the XX Commonwealth Games.

The evaluation found that: 

  • Audiences of more than 2.1 million actively engaged with and enjoyed cultural activity throughout Scotland
  • More than 12,000 events took place, including over 3,000 performances, 3,600 exhibition days and 5,600 learning and outreach sessions
  • 8,000 artists were supported to produce and present work
  • 600,000 people participated in performances and events
  • 1,600 new partnerships created, with work continuing to reach new audiences beyond the Games period
  • In Glasgow, audiences of more than 1.2m saw work
  • Evaluation found that work presented was bold and innovative 

To download the evaluation click here.

For more information, visit the Creative Scotland website.


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