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Getting Scotland Walking: New marketing campaign by Greener Scotland

The Scottish Government is launching a new social marketing campaign in May 2013 to promote the benefits of walking short journeys.


1 in 3 car journeys in Scotland are under 2 miles. Most of these short journeys are routine and habitual, such as popping down the road to get some milk, posting a letter or dropping the kids off at school. With a little forward planning most of these journeys could be walked, so if it’s not far, leave the car.

By leaving the car, you’re not just cutting carbon emissions and helping the environment. All the evidence says you’ll feel better. And it’s free, too!

TV Campaign

A 40 second TV commercial called ‘Listen to Your Legs’ uses humour to get across the message that short walks are good for your health and wellbeing, and with less cars on the road it is better for everyone; creating a cleaner, greener Scotland. Look out for it on STV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 throughout May and June.

The TV campaign will be supported by outdoor advertising, radio, digital, PR, partnerships and field activity.

New App

Greener Scotland has also created an iPhone app called ‘Journeys’. The app gives you instant feedback on how many calories you’re burning and all the carbon emissions you’re saving. It can even give you an idea of how much better you’re feeling!

To download the free app visit the Apple Store and search ‘Greener Journeys’.

Further information

You can find out more information by visiting the Greener Scotland website.

Alternatively, you can contact Dan Gilmore, Strategic Marketing Manager, at or on 0131 244 2050.

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