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Focus On…Sport

Focus On…Sport is a detailed report using data from the Taking Part Survey.

Based on interviews with children and adults in England this report focuses on how sports participation changes for an individual over time and some of the factors that influence this.

Headline findings:  

  • The overall number of people playing sport is fairly stable but there can be dramatic changes to the amount and type of sport individuals take part in. People don't have a single sporting habit and like any consumer, their needs change over time. 
  • Some activities are better than others at retaining people who take part.
  • Life events can influence the amount of sport played by adults. The scale and nature of these changes differs by life event. Children starting school, starting a new relationship and separation from a partner are most associated with people playing more sport. In contrast, moving house and children leaving home have a negative impact. 
  • The vast majority of adults who have recently taken up sport are not completely new to sport: they bring some kind of sporting experience or knowledge.

You can access the Focus on Sport report here.


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