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Designed to Move: Active Schools

In partnership with Nike, the British Heart Foundation National Centre (BHFNC) has contributed to the development of 'Designed to move: Active Schools'.

The report has been designed specifically for school leaders explaining in simple steps how to make schools more active.

An active school has three components:

  • It inspires 60 minutes or more of daily physical activity before, during and after the school day.
  • Delivers high quality physical education focused on physical literacy to give children a positive experience.
  • Creates a culture of physical activity for all led by school leaders, parents, staff and a supportive community.

The full report contains documents and resources on quick wins, designing early positive experiences, active classrooms, age-appropriate movement, teaching children to move with confidence and competence and sample activities.

For more information, visit the BHFNC website.  You can download the report here.


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