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Scotland review of Active Travel policy implementation

Last Updated: 12/19/2016

In 2015, the Scottish Government undertook a review of how its policies relating to active travel are implemented across the country. It aimed to understand how policies can deliver high levels of active travel. The report concluded that the Scottish Government’s ambition for increased levels of walking and cycling is recognised by and shared across various policy areas but that there are potential weaknesses in policy delivery. Key findings To improve active travel outcomes, it is recommended that the Scottish Government: improves the evidence base of the benefits of active travel and on what types of investment are most effective to increase rates of walking and cycling undertakes more rigorous monitoring of active travel uptake, by location and socio-demographic group, in order to identify locations and groups for which investment may be particularly worthwhile, and to identify successes where they arise takes a lead, through advocacy and/or specific funding, in promoting active travel in particular target locations and/or for particular target groups expands funding for active travel measures if possible, but particularly seeks to provide longer-term consistency of funding, especially revenue funding.

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