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Cycling Tourism worth £345 million to the economy

Last Updated: 3/31/2017

A new report from Sustrans Scotland sets out advice for tourism businesses in Scotland to cater for cycle tourists. Cycling tourism was valued at £345 million in 2015. The report details five adjustments that businesses can make to be more accommodating for cyclists: 1. Local information - provide local knowledge of cycle friendly destinations and trail guides to inspire visitors 2 Bike security - provide a safe place to store bikes for a couple of hours/overnight to ensure cyclists feel comfortable about the security of their bikes 3. Be more flexible - some cyclists may leave early or arrive late to their destination. Serving early breakfasts or late dinners will be appreciated and remembered by visitors. 4 Bike maintenance facilities - a few simple facilities such as a bike pump, an emergency repair kit or basic tools could be a real winner 5. Washing and drying facilities - after battling the elements, cyclists may welcome a place to wash and dry their clothes ahead of another day’s adventure. Read more below:

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