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Drive to get older people active in Scotland

Last Updated: 3/31/2017

The Scottish Government and the Care Inspectorate have announced a £1 million drive to help develop and spread work to increase levels of physical activity in older people in Scotland. Older people in care homes across Scotland are set to benefit from a programme to boost physical activity. An improvement programme will run which provides training and development to staff in care services in different areas in Scotland. Local learning events will be held and the programme team will offer support to care services to help increase levels of physical activity in the older people they care for. In Scotland there are 866 care homes for older people, approximately 2,500 care at home/housing support services and many other support services for adults. Developing and spreading work to improve physical activity participation in these care services through the proposed improvement programme supports the Scottish Government’s 2020 vision of maintaining people in their own home or in a homely environment, prevention of ill health and admission to hospital and supporting self-management. Read more below:

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